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Get The Perfect Services For Your Car and Feel At Ease

Car Rust Protection

Are you having problems with your car rust?

Do you need to repair your tires?

Owning a car surely has a lot of problems associated with it. You would need to get them repaired from time to time and the maintenance costs are not decreasing by any chance. Also, the costs for car maintenance are not the only problems. There are some other things that you need to take care of as well. For instance, what would you do if you are away from home and you need urgent tire repairs? Well, in most cases, you would have an extra tire but there might be some emergency scenarios as well. In those cases, there is nothing that you can do but get services from a place that would provide service on the go. There are many of those who love their cars too much to leave them and search for a nearby service. In those cases, tire repair services are the only thing that can save your day.

Lucky for you, there are places like the Jas Auto Spa who would provide on-the-go tire repair services and can help you get out these troubles. You would be saved by the wonderful services that they would provide and keep you from the tiresome problems. Jas Auto Spa is one of the few places that would provide you with such a wonderful tire repair service. Another service that you can avail of the is the car rust protection service. There are lots of environmental factors that are having a dreading effect on your car if they are exposed to damp conditions. Salt and rain humidity are some of the factors that would accelerate the oxidation process and cause rust on the car. The Jas Auto Spa would use a safe and repetitive pulse wave signal that would be distributed well onto the vehicle surface and interrupt the natural corrosion process and keep your cars safe.

The car rust protection services make sure that the environment is a top priority in all the cases. The solution is totally eco-friendly. It would keep the rust away one vehicle at a time and save the planet by stopping the overuse of metals. The technology has eliminated the use of oils and industrial solvents that had far more disruptive effects on the environment. The technology would create a surface wave of protection that would protect the vehicle from rust damage. The car rust protection technology is totally portable and thus these services can be offered wherever you would like. Now you can have your car protected and that too according to your choice and convenience. The services also have a warranty and would keep you out of worries.

Jas Auto Spa is one of the best places for car services

All the services offered by the company make Jas Auto Spa one of the best in the field of offering on-call car services. Tire Repair and various other services would be offered very easily and you would feel very safe with the wonderful services that would keep you out of all hassles. the company has lots of experience and your car would be in great hands.

Give Your Car The Best Online Service

Most of you would have this question whirling across your head that why is the car service important? You maintain yourself and your home well but who maintains your car? Getting your car frequently serviced is essential in furtherance of negating the risk factor attached to its immediate break down. Moreover, it makes the car much smoother to drive and fuel effective. Fixing the minor abrasions of your car often and a proper maintenance will save you from incurring huge replacement costs in future.

Gone are the days when you had to travel long distances to get your car serviced. Loss of time, loss of efforts, loss of money just for a mere car service, why? Book an online car service at Jas Auto Spa and get a comprehensive car service at your doorstep. Jas Auto Spa has appointed specialized experts and trained them with five star technologies revolving around the modernized equipments. The auto service provider provides amazing auto spa solutions and takes a good care of your interior and exterior car needs. Jas Auto Spa does car hand wash, dry cleaning, rust protection, denting repairs and other usual repairs efficiently. If you want everything under one roof pertaining to your car repairs, you have got to connect with none other than Jas Auto Spa.

The whole aim of initiating an online car service is to save on your time wherever and whenever possible. It is not easy these days to get the car service done all by yourself. The daily routine life has more or less trapped in your work schedule and sparing out time for car service seems troublesome. Don’t let your car suffer; all you have to do is just book an online car service by entering the location, time, car details and confirm your appointment. It will hardly take a fraction of second but worth for your car. Isn’t it?

Tips For Effective Car Detailing

Are you planning to get your car detailed for the first time?


Are you still unsatisfied with the car detailing you had for your car, last time?

If yes! These tips and tricks will definitely help you move ahead!

Car detailing is not just a general way to clean and detail your car but it involves step by step closely associated techniques to take a rigrous care of your car in terms of cleanliness. Not all the mobile detailing companies offering car detailing can do the job rightly. Thus, it becomes very important for you to know the basic of car detailing and care. This will not juts help you rectify the wrong process but also improve the effectives of the car detailing service you take in account.

There is however a standard procedure followed by car detailing experts but some would ignore certain steps as it may take more of their time and effort. In such case, it becomes your prime responsibility to check if your vehicle was detailed rightly or not.

Let’s have a look at some of the workable tips for effective car detailing.

Car Detailing Tips:

Interior detailing

The detailing towards the interior must be done in a chronological order, starting from the carpets, rugs, upholstery to the windows, door panels, window panes, etc. Every removed harness must be plugged-in rightly, after the work is done.

Exterior detailing

Clean the lower areas, initially prior to the rest of the extrinsic parts of the vehicle. Spraying liquid wax on dark shaded cars and buffing it away with a wax towel, after the final rinse improves the lustre and shine of the car. Dressing of the wheels must be ensured as few service providers may try to skip this process.

Cleaning the engine bay

This step must be completed prior to the extrinsic wash of the vehicle. If this isn’t done before the final wash, chances of the remains of the dirt and grease particles become very high. Get the engine bay cleaned first by draping the front fenders with wet towel to protect the paint, while using strong cleaners. Make sure to keep water out of these areas as this may cause significant damages to the engine. A detailed engine can pretty well attract dust, so make sure to wipe it dry and remove the extra moisture to keep away the dust.  

Following these simple tips for interior, exterior and engine bay cleaning, you can be a master at examining your detailed car. Pointing out the non-resourced works involved in mobile detailing for your car gets simple with these handy tips in mind.

Why To Have An Effective Car Detailing Done?

Keeping your car neat and clean can be a tricky affair, if not well handled and sustained. But, if you take care of the vehicle in a periodic manner, things can be really simple and easy.

If you have been wondering on what takes to keep your car clean!

We have an answer!

The car cleaning or to be precise an overall care of the car that involves car detailing requires a complete car cleaning right from both the intrinsic parts and the extrinsic part of the car too.

Are you scared that your car is still lagging in terms of detailing?

If yes! You definitely need to understand what to do in order to eradicate this lag.

What is car detailing?

  • Car detailing is a concept that involves an overhaul cleaning of the car. To be precise it involves deep cleaning and care of the car both from inwards and outwards.
  • Under this, almost every part of your car is cleaned with the best equipments.
  • This involves both dry and wet cleaning of the car for a better care of the vehicle.
  • Mobile detailing is also involved in the process in order to have a deep clean process version for making your car pretty tidy.

Why is car detailing important?

  • Car detailing is pretty important for an overall maintenance and higher life of not just the car but any other vehicle one owns.
  • A cleanly setup car features higher life span and thus sustains your travel needs for a longer period.
  • Car detailing involves all the sides of your vehicle making sure dust particle do not set a layer on any of the parts as it may not juts spoil but also degrade your vehicle.
  • This helps in longevity of the vehicle with quality preferences.
  • The return on value of your car when you wish to sell or exchange after a period of time automatically increases in a well maintained car.
  • Your engine and many other intrinsic parts also needs to be well maintained and protected from dirt and dust, car detailing helps with this as well.
  • This helps in improving the performance of the car as a well detailed car performs better as compared to a vehicle with low maintenance.
  • The cost involved in car is also pretty low as compared to the cost involved with the damage or degradation of the vehicle.
  • Going for a car detailing or mobile detailing is not just a requirement but a mandatory for your vehicle, if you wish to keep your vehicle in good condition.

This makes car detailing an essential exercise for your vehicle’s health.

How To Find The Best Tire Service Near Me?

Are you afraid of something that can be a real nightmare for you?

If not, think of the situation that you are alone in the mid of a highway that trails through a forest and you get a flat tyre. With none of the lights twinkling and no extra light to guide you, how do you think you are going to make a way out?

Are you scared now?

Well! This isn’t something to scare you but just to make you ponder on the situational factors that could happen with anyone anywhere. It can happen with any of us, any time. So, why not be prepared for such situations in advance.

Your vehicle is a real asset of you and you should care for it in the same manner as you care for all your other assets. Tires are the basic and equally vital parts required for running your car. If your tyre friction fails, you car or any other vehicle isn’t going to trail even a single inch. So, make sure you have the right tyres running them.

In case of situational issues when you need a tyre repair, you still have many options to follow. Ever vehicle has a well marginal tyre support that can drag your vehicle easily to the nearest repair point. Apart from this there are several other ways to take care of these situations, such as-

Finding a tire service near me

Finding a tire service near me is not that difficult until and unless you are at an abandoned place. You can look for help and ask people on where to find the right help with your tire repair needs.

Use Google

When do you think is Google going to help? Google has answers to all your questions and similar goes for this one too. Ask Google and look for the names finding out the neared repair centre to visit when in need of one.

Take an advance road assistance plan

The automobile company your vehicle comes from has several plans that assist the customer in case of need. One of such plans is the road assistance plan. Take a proactive step for such problem situations and opt for a road assistance plan that will help you assist your problem in need at the area of your concern.

Carry a little help yourself

Your vehicle has enough space to keep a little help handy, whenever you are travelling. This means, you must carry a small tool box with basic functional devices and tools to help with any such situations. This will help in half way solving the problem, yourself.

How To Protect Your Car Against Rust and Other External Bodies?

Dust is one of the most awful things that reduce the life of any of the automobile unit or entity. This makes the protection against rust a very important activity. Dust when combines with moisture or water particles turns into even worse situation causing rust. Thus, rust protection is really important to enhance the life of your car.

There are certain things to follow for keeping your car free from rust and prevent it from any sort of serious damages to the car. This also helps in retaining the value of your car.

Following are the ways to protect your car against rust and other external damages due to external factors-

Maintain the general maintenance

For the general maintenance, washing of the car in every two weeks along with a weekly wash for salts. Waxing of the car once in every four months is required. Your car also needs to be kept clean from inside too such that anything doesn’t start rusting from inside, too.

 Take an Extra effort for the Care around the Salt

Salt accelerates the process of rusting, thus special care must be taken for rust protection in areas that are near to oceans or during the winters during which the salt content on the roads are high.  Car rust protection doesn’t just apply to the outer surfaces but also to the metallic inner surfaces as well.

Anti-Rust Coating

In case, the problem exists even after taking special care, one can also go for using anti-rust coatings on your car for a permanent solution. Apart from this, using rust-preventing sprays is also a temporary way to get rid of such rust problems. The major idea behind the application of anti-rust coat is to keep the metal surfaces dry as dry surfaces are less inclined towards getting rust. This constitutes a major way of car rust protection.

An Extra step forward

Rust protection also requires one to go a step forward by taking preventive steps. Prior to a long break of the car wash, an anti-rust spray must be applied. One should also try to keep your car covered as much as possible.

Regular Inspection

Examination and regular inspection of your car for any of the chances of rust must be made often. Right from the external painted parts to the internal metallic areas must be examined for any of the upcoming paint bubbles or even blisters up. Mainly there are 3 major areas to be keen at for any of the initials of rust, namely- the engine and the trunk, the undercarriage area of the car and the externally painted car parts.

What to do if still the Rust Forms?

Even after such keen examination and properly performed care rust appears on the car, following things may help-

  1. The small problems can be fixed by simple paintwork.
  2. If the rust exists towards the underside of the car, it needs to be removed using the anti-rust sprays. This is a simple rust protection exercise.
  3. Rust popped out must be immediately and assertively dealt with.

How To Increase The Performance and Life Span Of Your Car?

Your car is definitely one of the most valuable possessions you have in terms of materialistic things. Right from the beginning of the day, you totally depend on it. Dissimilar to the earlier times, today vehicles are preserved for long due to the associated longer loan payments. This means you need to maintain your car in good condition too. This is possible with the on-time servicing and giving way to lesser chances for repairs.

Let’s have a look at 10 more relative, yet simple things to do for extending your car’s life and have high performance car parts-

  • Attend to even the minor repairs in time

How so ever minute or tiny repair your car need and comes to your notice must be attended at the earliest. Right from the slightest noise while turning your air conditioning on to the other unfriendly sounds or hitches you feel in your car must be handled as the earliest to avoid a huge problem situation in future.

  • Keep the oil change regular

Oil is an essential ingredient for the right operation of your car’s engine and other high performance car parts. Thus, with respect to the old and grimy low levels of the oils, you must keep the change process for the same regular.

  • Have periodical checks of the remaining car fluids

Apart from oil, there are several other fluids that help in running and optimizing the high performance car parts, such as- transmission fluid, power steering fluid, brake fluid, and rightly mixed coolant. These need to be periodically checked.

  • Periodic change of the air filter

Your air filter must be replaced in every 12,000 miles you go to avoid dust accumulation and keep up the mileage and engine performance.

  • Never overlook the tire pressure

Tires need inflation only to particular limit based on the type of car you are driving. Have a regular tire pressure check to maintain its conditioning.

  • Clean the car regularly

Giving way to the dust and debris particles automatically will lead into collection of the dust on and inside the car causing undue wear and tear to your car’s surface. Thus, you must regularly wash, clean and wax your car keeping the colour and texture intact.

  • Always look for shade and cover

Sun is always an oft-overlooked enemy damaging the car’s surfaces. Try to park your vehicle in shade and keep it covered. Car Window Tinting is also an alternative to avoid the entry of sun and dust.

  • Be a responsible driver

Even though speed thrills, it does kill you and your car too. So, avoid making those sudden roars with the accelerator, hard stops and starts, over speeds which give unnecessary pressure on the high performance car parts.

  • By heart the owner’s manual

Your owner manual is good enough to teach you the complete care of your car, right from Car Window Tinting needs, to the oil change cycle, speed limits, tyre pressure and many other things. Have a thorough read and follow the same.

Car Detailing- A Detailed Preview

Car Detailing– What it is?

Cars require a special degree of care and service for keeping it in tune. Car detailing is one such activity that simply puts the car in complete care with a detailed top-to-bottom and thorough maintenance and cleaning of the vehicle making use of special tools and car care products. The process of car detailing includes complete cleaning and reconditioned treatment of both the interior and exterior parts of the car. Here the main motive is getting the paintwork restored by removing the scratches or any sort of swirl marks transforming the vehicle into a brand new one.

Difference between a car wash and car detailing

Often people tend to get confused between a simple car wash and car detailing. But, the basic difference is that car wash helps in getting rid of the dirt on just the outside portion of the car and to an extent getting the vacuum cleaning for the interiors, but car detailing going quite in depth of this process.

Every car that is detailed receives a finishing touch on every little imperfection including buffing, polishing and vacuuming out.  

Car detailing would take around ten to twenty minutes or even an hour based on the requirement right from washing, polishing until drying, whereas a car wash is easily done hand to hand using machine or hand wash using the soap, scrub and water for car’s exterior cleaning and vacuum for interior parts.

A car wash is just a superficial cleansing of the car whereas the car detailing is a thorough restorative process for your vehicle.

Car Detailing Kanata

There are several agencies dealing with car care and detailing service under various brands dealing with car detailing Kanata. But, the catch is to get the right one for your car. The only thing that must be kept in mind is to opt for service providers with higher experience and good work.

Car Detailing Ottawa

Similar is the case with car detailing Ottawa service providers in the region. Being local in origin and containing the right service offering, they have an edge in their service offer regarding car details.

Benefits of getting your car detailed

It is due to the various benefits associated with car detailing that the concept is very popular. Apart from keeping the car in complete condition, it also benefits in several other forms too, such as-

  • Enhances the Car Value

Maintaining the right condition of the car, it helps maintaining and restoring the value of the car.

  • Boosts the protection

Detailing also benefits in adding the protection against the external elements. During the process, wax coating is applied on the exterior surface paints for protecting the finish from any sort of contamination and rusting.

  • Offers customised thorough attention

Car detailing is an amazing process for offering customized solutions and thorough attention to both the interior and exterior well being of the car.


Are you among those who hate the thought of getting out of the bed just for getting your car cleaned up? Are you the one who always keep on procrastinating the plan of taking your car to a car wash station? If yes, then you are not unique at all. See, every person out there is lazy. The level of laziness exceeds when one has to specially get out of the house for getting their car cleaned up. So, what is there that you can do? Simply get a car wash service booked. You just have to make use of that gadget that you keep using every day. Yes, your mobile or cellphone or smartphone. Whatever you like. Anyway, simply search for any car service centre near you and get a slot booked for your car. Online car service is the easiest and convenient way of booking a slot for getting a car service for your car. You will not have to get out of your home specially.

See, people ignore car service and later they realize that it was their biggest mistake. The cars need to be taken care of. If you want to have a smooth ride to your workplace and back home, you need a car that can help you in having a smooth ride. But if you have a car that has the parts jammed and the look is dusty, you will not like it and neither your colleagues. The thing that you must know is what you get in mobile detailing. In this service, you get the car cleaning service which includes the exterior cleaning like polishing, engine washing and rim waxing. Who does not want their car to look great? Do you not want your car to look like it is still brand new?

If you think that your car might get damaged, you are wrong. The services provided by the car service centre are directly from professionals who love taking care of and washing the cars. See, cars are not just an automobile. The way of transportation, your car, actually becomes a part of the family after it is brought home. So, if it is a family member and as it cannot take care of itself, it is your duty to take care of it and wash it properly. But there is a huge difference when it comes to the cleaning from the professional and cleaning from your hands. You are smart enough to understand why you must take your car to a car service centre. Just have some guts and leave your laziness behind. But if your laziness is so strong, then simply book a time slot for your car service by going online. You can book the slot that fits you pretty well and you do not have to come out of your home especially for that taken for granted member of the family. It is as simple as that and you must not be lazy to use a phone and book the car service. Or are you?

Tire Service is Important Because Nobody Wants Their Car to Stand Still

What do you think is the most important part of the car? There can be many that will jump into your head while answering this question. Some might say that the base body, some might say the windows, some might name other parts. But I feel that tires are the most important part of the car. If not the most important, then one of the most important parts of the car. Reason behind that is the motion of the car or the reason behind the movement of the car is possible just because of the tires. Obviously, we cannot walk without our legs and feet and in the same way, tires are the part that helps the car in moving from one place to another. So, one thing that will come to your head is that tire repair is important then. And that is absolutely right because I don’t think that you want your car to be still at one place. You definitely want it to move if you have bought one.

The thing that makes us all lazy is that we will have to get up and get ready for going out so that we can take our cars to any service centre so that the car can be checked properly from top to bottom and left to right. After that, the troubles can be seen and corrected. You can do that online by booking your car service slot according to your time. But if your car is perfect and you do not feel like going because you have felt just a normal problem with the tires of your car, then you are going to be very wrong. A minor problem with the tire can cause a big trouble. Haven’t you seen the CEAT tires advertisement? You must always get your checked and especially the tires. The tires must have a strong grip so that it can hold on to the road when you have to use the brakes suddenly. So, for all the lazy heads, simply pick up your phone and jump to Google because it has everything in it. Search for Tire service near me and you will get some options. And options mean that you can choose the one where you want to take your car for tire checkup if you feel any normal trouble with the tires sector of your car.

The tires of your car might be in good condition according to you, but all you need to know is what professionals think about them. You are definitely not a pro when it comes to the maintenance of your car. So, let the professionals do their work. You just have to do one favor for you car and that is to take the car to the car service centers so that it can be checked and all the troubles including the tires one could also be solved because you do not want your car to be still and be of no use to you. Or do you?